Discover new uses for coffee

Most people drink coffee and dispose of the waste, and this is because they are unaware that coffee is a biodegradable product that has other uses once we consume it. This post tells you how to take advantage of the used coffee grounds after the infusion has been prepared. New practical uses for coffee Coffee […]

Discover all about natural coffee

Buying coffee is a daily practice, but many do not know that there are three different options: natural coffee, mixed coffee, and roasted coffee, and they are classified in this way by roasting. For now, we will dedicate ourselves to natural coffee in this post, an exquisite variety on the market that you will surely […]

Discover the origins of the French press

Are you interested in history? The world of coffee is nourished with countless anecdotes and interesting inventions, and The French press is one of them. With time, it has become a very useful and easy-to-use resource when preparing a delicious homemade coffee.  It consists of a container and a metal filter as a plunger. Water […]