How to prepare a slightly spicy coffee

Throughout history, people used cayenne or red pepper to flavor foods. This ingredient can naturally transform the flavor of coffee and add a dose of spice to the palate. Would you like to try a spicy coffee with red pepper? If you are interested in discovering more about spicy coffee, we will show you a […]

Chemistry and coffee: what can we observe in a cup of coffee?

Do you think that humans are the only ones who ingest caffeine? Drinking coffee is a daily practice, but something that seems simple hides many interesting and curious chemical phenomena in the universe.  This post will discuss chemistry, coffee, and what we can observe in a simple cup. Discovering more about chemistry and coffee Several […]

How to select the best coffee for your business

In all companies, there is a space to clear the mind, talk with co-workers and relax while we drink a delicious cup of coffee. The coffee is served at any time of the day, either to give special attention to the customer or to offer the employee a drink that increases his productivity.   That’s why […]

Coffee cubes: refreshing and delicious

Cold coffee becomes fashionable in summer, and the easiest way to get it is by adding ice to the coffee. It is a simple, fast, and refreshing idea that allows keeping the coffee cold for longer.  The coffee cubes can be made in the refrigerator; you only need water, coffee, and a bucket that you […]

How to preserve ground coffee at home

Ground coffee is a perishable product that progressively loses organoleptic properties as time passes. Its consumption period has a deadline or expiration period, but if we want to extend its time, aroma, and flavor, it must be stored in a suitable place. Here’s how to preserve coffee grounds at home.  We show you how to […]

Learn some popular phrases about coffee

Waking up with the aroma of morning coffee and then enjoying the taste of this drink results in a magical sensory experience. The motivating energy of coffee will help you stay active and excited throughout the day.  If you are a fan of coffee, you will surely know many phrases alluding to it. This famous […]

Learn about the traditional ways of drinking coffee

Every consumer decides how to drink coffee according to their particular tastes and preferences, but there are traditional ways of drinking coffee around the world. Would you like to know them? Keep reading.  Ways of drinking coffee  Espresso Espresso coffee was born in Italy and spread worldwide, and most Europeans usually drink this coffee outdoors […]

How to take advantage of coffee waste

Every morning, before going to work, we drink our usual coffee with its aroma permeating the home and relaxing with its taste, but after this pleasant experience, what do we do with the waste? Most consumers dispose of coffee waste in organic waste bags. However, this is not the only ecological way to take advantage […]

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about coffee!

Do you like having a cup of coffee every morning? We bet you do! But how much do you know about the origins of coffee? Surely you have read a little history of this wonderful drink, and if not, you will want to know a little more about the delicious beverage. In this post, we […]

Which are the liqueurs that can be mixed with coffee?

Coffee has a stimulating effect when mixed with liqueurs, as it captures looks, distills penetrating aromas, and is a delight when we taste these pleasures. When our favorite liqueur and coffee blend in a single glass or cup, the flavors melt together to give way to new and formidable ways to delight the palate. Like […]