News: June’s Google Doodle celebrates the driving force behind espresso coffee

As usual, the internet giant, Google, mentions a theme in its well-known “Doodle.” Last June, the company dedicated a space for coffee fans around the world. It recalled the birth of the Italian Angelo Moriondo 171 years ago, the inventor of the famous Italian espresso machine. Discover who was the driving force behind the espresso […]

Difference between long and short coffee

We’re used to having coffee when we wake up, but do you know the difference between a long coffee and a short one? If your answer is no, keep reading to learn how to identify them!  What is the difference between a long coffee and a short one? When we talk about coffee, we mention […]

Chocolate and coffee sponge cake recipe

Coffee and chocolate make a fantastic pair because they conquer hearts and overflow with irresistible flavors. Mochaccino espresso proves that both are amazing when both come together in the same cup. But this is not the only way to combine them; you can also make delicious desserts with these two ingredients, for example, a delicious […]