Oatmeal drink with coffee: we teach you how to prepare it

Oat drinks are nutritious, healthy, and light. They provide a feeling of satisfaction, and consumers cannot miss their numerous properties in a snack or food. But what if you add coffee?  The sweetness and creamy texture of oat combine with coffee for a delicious drink rich in fiber, among other vitamins and minerals. Oat contributes […]

Coffee is beneficial for your liver

The liver is an organ of vital importance to human beings, and drinking coffee can be beneficial for the prevention of diseases in this area of the body. There is scientific evidence that coffee protects the liver and reduces the risk of liver cirrhosis by 66%. What do you think? Great, right? The research was […]

3 Healthy Reasons to Drink Coffee

Coffee is an inexhaustible source of inspiration because it awakens creativity and brings renewing energy to our minds and bodies. Consuming this drink provides certain health benefits to our body, although in most cases, we drink coffee to “keep us awake and energetic.”  The truth is that there are many other reasons to drink coffee, […]