Coffee waves: what is their meaning

Coffee is a powerful wave of flavor that transmits energy and motivation, and to be honest, no one can help but smile when baristas bring their creativity to the designs in a cup of coffee. In the world of coffee, a “coffee wave” refers to many people who enjoy consuming coffee in the morning or […]

Did you know people used to drink coffee on a plate in the past?

We still use a small plate under our coffee cup today, but have you ever wondered what this dish is for? How did this custom come about? This formality is very old and has its history, and we will tell you all about it! The invention of the plate that accompanies the cup of coffee […]

Discover the origins of the French press

Are you interested in history? The world of coffee is nourished with countless anecdotes and interesting inventions, and The French press is one of them. With time, it has become a very useful and easy-to-use resource when preparing a delicious homemade coffee.  It consists of a container and a metal filter as a plunger. Water […]

Coffee has been consumed for centuries: find out more about the history!

Did you know coffee was consumed a long time ago? Our modern coffee with heady aromas and incredible flavors did not come to our cup by coincidence. Many events throughout history made possible the encounter between you and the aromatic. The world has been full of geopolitical conflicts between economic and political powers, wars, and […]

Curiosities about coffee

Coffee is a delicious product, full of tradition and with many anecdotes around it. Its history and origins are part of our daily life, and the portal published an interesting infographic about coffee that reflects curious facts you may not know. We’re sure more curious facts will pop out in the future, but for […]

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about coffee!

Do you like having a cup of coffee every morning? We bet you do! But how much do you know about the origins of coffee? Surely you have read a little history of this wonderful drink, and if not, you will want to know a little more about the delicious beverage. In this post, we […]