The best coffee drinks for summer

Summer has arrived! Time to enjoy a well-deserved vacation with family and friends. If you’re ready for the fun, think of the best drinks for the year’s hottest season, and don’t let it catch you off guard! Surely, coffee is one of your favorite drinks all year round, whatever the environment’s temperature. Hot coffee in […]

How to make milk froth for coffee

Getting a creamy, sweet and impeccably textured latte requires special methods. Nonetheless, people can create milk froth easily at home, just like real professionals do. We encourage you to prepare a dream milk froth to make your coffee look appetizing! Today, baristas create wonderful figures with milk froth for coffee, and if you want to […]

What is coffee traceability and what is it for?

The coffee beans go a long way before being served in a cup. During the process, aspects such as species, origin, land, farm location, harvesting methods and storage, export or import, roasting, and extraction techniques are considered to obtain the perfect aroma.  Coffee traceability serves us to follow all the coffee’s processes from its sowing […]