How to prepare a slightly spicy coffee

Throughout history, people used cayenne or red pepper to flavor foods. This ingredient can naturally transform the flavor of coffee and add a dose of spice to the palate. Would you like to try a spicy coffee with red pepper? If you are interested in discovering more about spicy coffee, we will show you a […]

Differences between freeze-dried and soluble coffee

If you are one of those who like to get home and pour yourself a coffee quickly and conveniently, then this post is for you. Freeze-dried and soluble coffee are different, but their preparation is very fast and simple. The final consumer will have access to a delicious cup of coffee by adding a little […]

How to make milk froth for coffee

Getting a creamy, sweet and impeccably textured latte requires special methods. Nonetheless, people can create milk froth easily at home, just like real professionals do. We encourage you to prepare a dream milk froth to make your coffee look appetizing! Today, baristas create wonderful figures with milk froth for coffee, and if you want to […]

How to make latte art

Espressos are no longer boring or monotonous. These days, coffee serves as a canvas to give life to the brushstrokes of foam that adorn the table of diners; this is the latte art. A sample of baristas’ interest to serve something fun, artistic, and attractive to customers.  You will be able to discover interesting figures […]

Types of coffee according to its preparation

Coffee is an energizer with many years of history, and ancient civilizations had already attested to its energetic properties. It is currently the third most consumed beverage globally, with a number of around 400 billion cups a year, added to the fact that it is the second most commercialized product, being surpassed only by oil. […]