How to choose an extraction method to obtain a good coffee?

The coffee we get each morning is the product of a series of methods and processes that range from the ground grain to the liquid in our cup. There are several preparation methods for coffee, but what is the ideal way to get the best version of coffee? Each extraction method has a different feature. […]

Cookie coffee cake: a simple but delicious recipe

Would you like to pamper the little ones in the house with a delicious snack? If so, we have a dazzling recipe to please the whole family, especially the home’s children. Look for pencil and paper to make a delicious cookie coffee cake.  The recipe is practical and economical, as it does not require complex […]

Coffee macarons: how to prepare them?

The versatility of coffee has no limits, and today at 360F Coffee, we show you this sweet and delicious recipe for lovers of pastries and good coffee. Dare to prepare some delightful coffee macarons by following the steps we mention below. Recipe of coffee macarons With these ingredients and the precise instructions to prepare the […]

Mixology: what is its meaning, and how does it relate to coffee?

Mixology refers to the art of knowing how to mix components or substances, an activity widely practiced by baristas and experts in the preparation of coffee. This post will go deeper into the term and its relationship with caffeinated beverages.  What is mixology? It is a very subtle art used to mix drinks, usually applied […]

Types of coffee according to its preparation

Coffee is an energizer with many years of history, and ancient civilizations had already attested to its energetic properties. It is currently the third most consumed beverage globally, with a number of around 400 billion cups a year, added to the fact that it is the second most commercialized product, being surpassed only by oil. […]