How to prepare and serve coffee at Christmas

A delicious hot coffee always accompanies family gatherings at Christmas for the winter. That warmth of home is only felt when we are on Christmas Eve or end of the year with our loved ones, those we share daily, and those we have not seen for months or years. In these festivities, we always share […]

How to prepare a slightly spicy coffee

Throughout history, people used cayenne or red pepper to flavor foods. This ingredient can naturally transform the flavor of coffee and add a dose of spice to the palate. Would you like to try a spicy coffee with red pepper? If you are interested in discovering more about spicy coffee, we will show you a […]

Banana mousse with coffee: how to prepare it

Do you dare to combine bananas with coffee? Get out of the routine! Don’t limit yourself to the typical cup of coffee, and start exploring new flavors. Coffee serves as the main ingredient in multiple recipes, and one of them is the Banana mousse with coffee. Read carefully and try this delicious dessert! An easy […]

How to make milk froth for coffee

No one resists a cup of creamy coffee with milk. Would you like to know what you need to make the best milk froth at home? Keep reading, as we will show you how to achieve the best foam to accompany your 360F Coffee. Prepare milk froth for coffee with good consistency! The milk froth […]

French press: how does it work?

The French press works as a technique of extraction by immersion. First, the ground coffee is immersed in water for a certain time, then the extraction of the coffee is filtered through a metal mesh.   The procedure allows you to control the extraction speed through several variables, like the water’s temperature, infusion time, and grinding […]

Coffee mousse: how to prepare this delicious recipe

Do you want to prepare a delicious dessert this weekend? You’re in the right place! Coffee is the perfect ingredient for making cold desserts, and in this opportunity, we will tell you how to make a succulent coffee mousse that you will love. You can share it with family and friends as it can yield […]

Coffee cocktails for the winter

In winter, people choose to consume hot drinks. Coffee combined with certain liqueurs is ideal in this season because it contributes to warm the body, especially if you live in a place where the cold reigns.  Enjoy cocktails and coffee art by adding ingredients to make delicious coffee and alcohol drinks. Here we will teach […]