Coffee with coconut: a refreshing drink

If you are one of those people who love to innovate and try unusual recipes, then we encourage you to prepare this refreshing combination in summer. You will see that its preparation is not difficult, as it is economical and gratifying in times of intense heat. Palm trees, beach, sun, sand, summer! We teach you […]

Coffee cubes: refreshing and delicious

Cold coffee becomes fashionable in summer, and the easiest way to get it is by adding ice to the coffee. It is a simple, fast, and refreshing idea that allows keeping the coffee cold for longer.  The coffee cubes can be made in the refrigerator; you only need water, coffee, and a bucket that you […]

The best coffee drinks for summer

Summer has arrived! Time to enjoy a well-deserved vacation with family and friends. If you’re ready for the fun, think of the best drinks for the year’s hottest season, and don’t let it catch you off guard! Surely, coffee is one of your favorite drinks all year round, whatever the environment’s temperature. Hot coffee in […]