Take this quiz to find out how much you know about coffee!

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Do you like having a cup of coffee every morning? We bet you do! But how much do you know about the origins of coffee? Surely you have read a little history of this wonderful drink, and if not, you will want to know a little more about the delicious beverage. In this post, we want to know what your knowledge about this subject is with a quiz about coffee.

Quiz about coffee

1. What is the origin of coffee?

▢ Europa. 

▢ Asia. 

▢ África.


2. The term “coffee” comes from the Arabic word Qahhwat Al-bun and means:

▢ Grain wine.

▢ Food of gods.

▢ Drink of ancestors.


3. How many species of coffee grains exist today?

▢ 87.

▢ 103.

▢ 1.

4. In what years did the discovery of coffee take place in western lands?

▢ 1592, 1713, 1737.

▢ 1594, 1703, 1780.

▢ 1494, 1603, 1750.


5. Who introduced coffee to South America?

▢ Spaniards.

▢ Poles.

▢ Netherlands.


6. How long does it take for the coffee tree to grow and bear fruit?

▢ 3 to 4 years.

▢ 4 to 5 years.

▢ 2 years.

7. What are specialty coffees?

▢ Imported coffees with exclusive characteristics.

▢ Coffees made on land fertilized with special chemicals.

▢ Coffees with differential characteristics, which bring benefits to the producer.


Here are the answers of the quiz about coffee to clarify your doubts: 

  • 1) Coffee comes from the African continent.
  • 2) It came from the grain.
  • 3) There are 103 known species, but only two represent the majority at a commercial level: arabica and robusta.
  • 4) 1592- 1713-1737.
  • 5) The French.
  • 6) 3-4 years.
  • 7) Coffees with differential characteristics that bring benefits to the producer.

How many items did you get right? Between 0-2, you need to review the answers of this quiz about coffee to expand your knowledge; between 3 and 5 correct answers, you have solid knowledge about the drink, and if you had between 6 and 7 correct answers, congratulations! You are a great connoisseur of coffee.

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez