The Scent of Any Travel: Coffee Shops at Airports and Train Stations

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It is no secret that we like to enjoy a nice cup of coffee after a long trip, which is why we can find several coffee shops in airports at train stations globally. There is something captivating about this scent that gives us bliss and a sensation of rest. Why is that?

Let’s find out more about why we love the smell of coffee in terminals.

Why do we love this delicious smell?

After long trips, people tend to gather in a coffee shop as their first stop; some order a latte cup, while others enjoy some bakery and tea. Regardless of their choice, a common factor influencing this stop is the shop’s smell.

Why does this occur, you may ask. The answer can be quite complex, but in short, the smell of coffee is composed of several chemical reactions that stimulate in a pleasant form the receptors of the nose, allowing us to relax and enjoy the moment with ourselves and our closest ones.

The scent stimulates in a good way the brain, producing endorphins and temporarily transporting us to a bliss state. That is why people relax so much and spend several minutes and even hours in a coffee shop after traveling.

Next time after a long voyage, either by train or air, try to relax in a coffee shop and order a delicious cup of coffee. We assure you will feel renovated by the smell and the overall experience you will have in these locations.

Coffee shop
Coffee Shop. RR Abrot, Unsplash.


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