Unique ways to drink coffee in the world

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Coffee consumption is pretty obvious since many countries enjoy this drink, but they do it in their way. In fact, coffee is used not so much for drinking but as an ingredient for other products in certain countries. But in today’s article, we will focus on the unique ways of drinking coffee that exist in different cultures of this blue globe that we call home. Keep reading!

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There are unique ways to drink coffee in the world

Let’s take a walk around the different cultures this vast planet has to offer and look at the unique ways of drinking coffee around the world.

Cà phê (sữa) đá in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the world’s coffee powerhouses, being its only production Robusta beans, which are stronger and create a more bitter coffee, which is why many people in the West avoid it unless it is the instant that is bought in the super. However, in this Asian country, it is common to find this recipe everywhere, from the most elegant cafes to street stalls. To reduce its strong flavor, this coffee is passed through a metal filter called Phil, and it’s traditionally known as Cà phê đá. However, Cà phê sữa đá is its cold version that has frozen condensed milk as an extra.

Yuen Yeung in Hong Kong

In Asia, coffee competes against tea in hot drinks. In many countries on this continent, coffee is mainly consumed cold, but in Hong Kong, you don’t have to choose one or the other since you can consume both drinks in one cup. This is the characteristic detail of Yuenyeung, whose name may come from the ying-yang since it seeks a balance between both drinks. Its taste is neither coffee nor tea; it’s more like chai and hot chocolate. The exact recipe is unknown, but everyone puts their touch on it because the important part is finding a delicate balance.

Kaffeost in Sweden

In this Nordic country, this is one of the strangest ways to consume coffee globally. It involves the cheese known as Kaffeost, consumed by the Sami people in Sweden, who manage to stay warm with a good cup of coffee and cheese in a similar manner done in the West with bread or cookies. Generally, the coffee is boiled over an open fire and served in a traditional guksi, a hand-carved wooden mug made from a birch burl.

These are some unique ways of consuming coffee globally, but there are many more. But we will talk about those very soon. If you want to start a business in this community as interesting as the coffee itself, do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal.

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