What is coffee traceability and what is it for?

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The coffee beans go a long way before being served in a cup. During the process, aspects such as species, origin, land, farm location, harvesting methods and storage, export or import, roasting, and extraction techniques are considered to obtain the perfect aroma. 

Coffee traceability serves us to follow all the coffee’s processes from its sowing to the final cup. 

Meaning of coffee traceability

The knowledge of all this trajectory from the soil to the table is called coffee traceability. Its function is to allow clients to know its origins, production, and processing until reaching the cup. 

This information allows having a complete record of the history of coffee beans to improve production levels, reduce costs, improve quality, manage resources optimally, comply with the good practices of locating the item and distribute the product fairly.

Benefits of coffee traceability 

Coffee traceability provides some benefits to producers, distributors, and consumers. Let’s check some of these aspects that benefit from tracing the coffee processes.

Proven quality

Knowing the complete route of the coffee allows for determining whether or not the coffee meets the required quality standards. This adds value to the coffee because you can check the origin and the entire path of the grain until its distribution, marketing, and consumption.

Knowledge of the processing methods

With coffee traceability, you can consult the processes and the type of raw material used to produce the coffee to evaluate the processing methods and their results. In addition, those involved in the coffee industry can establish mechanisms for risk control and operate safely to ensure the well-being of consumers.


Having a detailed record of the supply chain can serve as a guide for detecting and correcting errors in the process, thus optimizing efficiency on farms, reducing costs, strengthening health measures, and increasing profits.

Coffee traceability has become a transparent tool, appropriate to agree on fair negotiations and obtain favorable prices when marketing the product. On the other hand, the customer will feel satisfied and reassured when obtaining reliable data about their consumed coffee.

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