Why is it important to dry coffee?

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Most people worldwide start their day with a delicious cup of coffee, but what most people do not know is that morning coffee results from an extensive and complex process in which many talented people are involved in materializing the delicious drink. 

The chain of work of the coffee farmers begins with soil nutrition, planting, daily irrigation, harvesting and selection of berries, pulping, fermentation, washing, and lastly, drying. In this post, we explain what drying coffee is and its importance.

What is drying coffee?

There are two types of drying coffee: sun drying and mechanical drying. Sun drying the grain is a natural and soft process for more delicate or specialty coffee beans. This drying preserves the aromatic, fruity, floral, and herbal notes that absorb the coffee beans from the soil. 

Mechanical drying coffee is a fast and more aggressive process in which the coffee beans are subjected to temperatures up to 30°C, and it is applied in places with a lot of moisture and continuous rainfall.

This drying method is applied for commercial consumption grains as it requires a higher yield and drying speed. Both techniques are useful in the coffee market, but everything will depend on the public’s preferences. However, roasters, baristas, and clients should note that sun-dried coffee is more aromatic because it retains its notes. In contrast, mechanical drying improves the grain’s productivity through its drying speed at the cost of losing some of its natural notes.

Each grain has a story and giving of love from the coffee growers, but the final consumers are the ones who decide the technique according to their needs. Don’t let your coffee lose its long-stored aroma. Follow us on social networks and discover new flavors available in 360F Coffee, and choose the one you want most every morning. Our company knows the love you feel for coffee.

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