Why is American coffee watery?

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To many people, American coffee seems very watery. But why is it watery? This texture is achieved because hot water is added to espresso coffee after brewing. American coffee has its origins in World War II, according to some historians.

According to this, the American soldiers who were in battle in Italy added more water to their espresso coffee to turn it into a drink similar to the one they used to drink in their country. They were not used to coffee with a lot of body, and to make it lighter, they added water.

How is it prepared?

To prepare this type of American coffee, you must pour the coffee up to half a large cup. Then, the cup is completed with hot water in a proportion of 50% and 50%.

Probably, some add a little more water since everything depends on the taste of each consumer. Hot water can be obtained from the coffee maker or the kettle.

What is the difference between long black and American coffee?

The long black is very similar, but with some small differences. First, the hot water is placed in the cup, and then the espresso is prepared in the same cup to avoid breaking the espresso cream.

Both have water and espresso, but with different results. American coffee is more watery, and the espresso cream breaks when adding water. Some are used to coffee with more body and would never think of heating the water to place it on top of the espresso cream.

But let’s remember that each culture is different, and our choice will depend on what we learn and what we like. To find out more types of coffee, follow us on our social networks. The key is to try all varieties of coffee!

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez