Work cafe: a new space for the benefit of employees

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As time progresses, working conditions have changed. The business sector knows that for the company to have high productivity and quality, it is necessary to keep the employees happy. But it is not only about the salary part, the workplace has become important for the comfort of the workers. From there arises the work cafe, a multifunctional space for the enjoyment of employees but at the same time useful for the company. Learn more with this article.

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What is a work cafe?

For many years, organizations made efforts to create spaces for relaxation and enjoyment aimed at company employees. They were just small rooms with only the basic furniture at the start, but as time passed, companies and organizations grew in size and moved into larger buildings or spaces, and the place for employees became a more formal dining room. But it was not a place to relax and de-stress from the hours already worked.

In the 21st century, we see how the rise of so called work cafes, which are replicas of popular shops in the city where workers would go to do their pending work in a relaxed and entertained environment while enjoying a good cup of coffee. It has even been seen that brainstorming meetings and appointments are held, which naturally led large companies to want to replicate this model.

After all, in these hectic and fast times, the employees’ comfort, satisfaction, and desires come first, as they represent the organization. Now a work cafe inside the company’s facilities is a win for both parties, for the following reasons:

  • Teamwork or activities: companies currently depend a lot on the cooperation of the different employees on the staff, while the departments work in harmony. Carrying out activities, meetings, or brainstorming in the work cafe will be very helpful and focused.
  • Dynamic spaces: today’s workers like to break out of the preconceived pattern of cubicles, desks, computers, and keyboards. Many work with laptops or tablets and prefer to do so in open spaces and dynamic environments.
  • Increased productivity: recent years have seen an increase in the productivity of many companies, seeing how the classic work patterns change, giving way to dynamic places. The change of workplace at the time you want, while at the same time enjoying a good coffee and snack, increases concentration and therefore productivity.
  • Increased engagement: worker loyalty and fidelity are known these days as engagement. It grows when the employee feels comfortable and free to explore their full potential as they like while still fulfilling their responsibilities. A work cafe will do wonders for this and speak highly of the company and its spaces.

Types of work cafes

As these spaces have gained ground in the business world, they have been diversifying, creating different types that adapt to the company’s identity. These might be:

  • For multinationals: these are the largest work cafes since the staff of these companies is very extensive. These are spacious places with tables for 2, 4, 6 and 8 people. In addition to a very large agora full of cushions, without neglecting the space for a large TV that allows meetings with subsidiaries in other cities, countries, and even continents.
  • Cafeteria-style: as these spaces are based on a commercial cafeteria, it is not surprising that some are very similar to them, but they show the company’s identity. They are equipped with tables and high stools, and dim lighting, without forgetting the spaces for gadgets and traditional equipment such as refrigerators and coffee makers.
  • Modern work cafes: the most recent have well-defined mini-spaces, such as the lunch table, high tables for breakfast and quick snacks, and the place for meetings or brainstorming, which can also be the place to relax.

A work cafe has quickly become the secret of high productivity and good energy, which is found among employees of large companies such as Google. And, in these spaces, you can never miss a good cup of coffee.


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