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Sumatra wet-hulled coffee from Aceh is a renowned and distinctive variety of coffee that originates from the Aceh region in Sumatra, Indonesia. It is known for its unique processing method and flavor profile, making it highly sought after by coffee enthusiasts around the world.

The wet-hulling process, also known as "Giling Basah" in the local language, is a traditional method used in Sumatra to process coffee beans. Unlike other regions where coffee cherries are fully dried before the removal of the parchment, in Sumatra, the beans undergo a partially dried stage. This process imparts a distinct character and flavor to the coffee, is often enjoyed as a single-origin coffee, allowing coffee lovers to appreciate its distinct flavor profile. It is particularly well-suited for those who enjoy bold and complex coffees with a full-bodied mouthfeel. Whether brewed as espresso or enjoyed in a pour-over, this coffee promises a rich and memorable experience that reflects the unique qualities of Sumatran coffee tradition.

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